Lost Children: Press Kit

Lost Children is a US electronic band based in Brookyln, NYC.


During a trip to Hanayashiki Park in Tokyo, Avery Brooks finally found a moniker for a collection of songs he had been working on in private. It was a small placard, glanced in passing, but the phrase stuck with him. ‘Lost Children’ spoke to his ongoing preoccupation with aging, mortality, and the anxieties of adulthood. Time has been a theme for Brooks since his first release, Our Fallen Cities, which was a soundtrack to visions of post-apocalyptic America, a score of love songs meant to accompany a dimly-lit futurist nostalgia. With tracks like "Time is Running Down," Brooks made no secret of his subject matter, nor did he stray from his unswerving orbit around an 80's sensibility: much of Our Fallen Cities feels like an updated Depeche Mode, giving free reign to dark, skeletal clanging and judicious use of vocoder.

Specters finds Brooks no less fascinated with his own death drive, this time letting the songs fall into the familiar shapes of ghost stories. Brooks continues to pay homage to his darkwave heroes, but here he allows his synths to stretch their legs with dizzyingly intricate programming, employing denser, more shimmering textures and letting small patches of light slip through. Vocal lines are woven through the mix, often acting as synth pads themselves, stretchy layers draped across steely percussion. Despite their morbid fascination, the sounds are very much alive, pulsing choirs of synth tones in vivid spectrums of dark blue. Brooks's friends and bandmates from Ravens & Chimes, Selebrities, and the Ice Choir contribute guitar parts and backing vocals. Specters is a sensitively woven sonic space that deals primarily in darkness, but glows with a slight warmth around the edges.



Albums and Singles

Fantoccini (single, 2007)

Out of print (A side - Fantoccini, B side - LWTUA cover)

Our Fallen Cities (LP, 2010)

Available now from Supermartyr Records.

Teen Beat (single, 2015)

Available now from Supermartyr Records.

Hillside (single, 2016)

Available now from Supermartyr Records. Includes a remix from the Birthday Massacre

Hold On (single, 2017)

Available now from Supermartyr Records.

Specters (LP, 2017)

Available now from Supermartyr Records.


Hypefactor - Downtown China (Lost Children Remix) 2013
Dead Leaf Echo - Birth (Lost Children Remix) 2013
Nova Social - The Star (Lost Children Remix) 2012
MoliquL - Loom (Lost Children Remix) 2012


Your Eyes

Director: Alan Smithee
Producer: Ryann Thompson
Actresses: Daniella Rabbani, Akko Kashiwagi

Teen Beat

A Mickle & Muckle Production
Director, Producer & Editor: Kathleen Russell
Director of Photography & VFX: Charles Farrell
Choreographer: Lea Fulton
Dancers: Lea Fulton & Kristin Cheng
Hair, Makeup & Wardrobe: Samantha Tuttlebee & Kathleen Russell
Production Assistants: Tracey McDonough & Samantha Tuttlebee
Interns: Aidan Lavis & Michelle Zhao

Special thanks to the Ace Hotel New York

Warm Leatherette (the Normal)

Cover song performance/recreation of Warm Leatherette by the Normal, released 2009.


Supermartyr Records